Hiking trails

Regardless of the time duration, vacation for an individual primarily represents relaxation, release of negatively accumulated emotions, and charging of batteries in peace and quiet. Another determinant of rest, however, is more and more present and popular, and it is a recreational form of rest, emptying from the negative and filling with the positive.

The area of Dobrinjština has its own “circular trump card”, which is the hiking route “Roads of Dobrinjština”, whose 20-kilometer long route starts and ends in Šilo, touches Dobrinjština as a whole, and reveals attractive details of flora, fauna and folk architecture.

We also highlight the trail, which, while giving your body a boon, will reveal details related to the Glagolitic alphabet – the oldest Croatian script. It is about the 200-meter-long Way of the Glagolitic in Gabonjin.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica malinska otok Krk Kvarner RDA
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