Kvarner – an invaluable blend of sea, islands, and mountains

Somewhere between the mountains and crystal sea full of islands, at the northern coast of Croatia, stands Kvarner, place where even most demanding visitors can find something for themselves. Kvarner’s rich cultural heritage is truly exceptional, as is its beautiful nature.

Rijeka, a port town with a rich history and numerous monuments and attractions, is a host of many manifestations and festivals during the whole year. The Rijeka Carnival is the most popular manifestation when all the creativity and fun unleash in Rijeka. Rijeka has been chosen as the European Capital of Culture (ECOC) for the year 2020 so make sure you check out all that this interesting city has to offer.

Kvarner outdoor

Kvarner makes an ideal destination for an active holiday and active vacation is a great way to get rid of stress and derive the maximum pleasure from natur. In Kvarner, there are a lot of ways to spend an active vacation and enjoy the combination of islands, sea, and mountains. Here you can bicycle as much as you want. Near Opatija Rivijera you can bicycle through the old towns and fortresses in the Liburnia territory. Crikvenica and Novi Vinodolski also have something to offer for the cyclest lovers and enthusiasts – cycle rides through breathtaking beaches and Mediterranean pine forests. Islands are also very popular for cycling routes, combining more challenging mountain biking paths as well as easier paths for beginners.

Apart from biking in the Kvarner region, you can discover and appreciate its wonderful nature by hiking and running as well. The hiking reward, after reaching the top, is the beautiful view of the endless looking sea. There are hiking trails that connect the coastal and inland destinations. There are a lot of hiking trails with different difficulty levels for everyone who loves hiking.  Nature lovers will enjoy islands in Kvarner that have rich networks of maintained walkways where visitors can combine being active with the cultural and historical entertainment.

Gastronomy – Kvarner Gourmet & Kvarner Food

The gastronomy is rich and diverse, just like kvarner region. The coastal cuisine is based on fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables. The taste is enriched with olive oil and superb. Krk wine, Vrbnička žlahtina is one of the local white wines that have extraordinary accord and harmony of taste with refined aroma and bouquet. Except for wines, Kvarner is also known for its delicious homemade brandies.

The clean seawater, rocky coastline and sea bottom, temperature and numerous freshwater springs provide a habitat for a variety of undersea life. Fish, shellfish, and cephalopods still thrive along the Croatian coast. Kvarner scampi is one of the best in the world.

Every island in the Kvarner region has its own tasty specialty. Island of Cres is well known for its special high-quality lamb. The meat comes from the free-range sheep that are living on the island. On Rab and Lošinj people prefer fish stew, octopus salads, squids and mussels cooked in a traditional way and served with locally-grown ingredients from the local gardens.

In the forest covered Gorski Kotar is well known for its berries, mushrooms, freshwater fish. Venison meat lovers will enjoy menus that include venison smoked ham, venison or deer stew with home-made „gnocchi“ or bread dumplings.

Kvarner is a destination full of diversity that comes together in one place and makes for one beautiful region where every travel lover can find a place,  activity and taste they enjoy. Families with children, couples, adventure seekers and gastro lovers all enjoy everything that Kvarner has to offer.

Kvarner Family

During their stay in Kvarner, families have plenty of activities to choose from: from enjoying the beaches, visiting the rural parts in Gorski Kotar to exploring the rich cultural heritage and a lot of historical sights in Kvarner. Kvarner has traditionally been a destination where families come to relax and create memories.

Krk is well known for family beaches like Vela plaža beach.  Cres, Rab and Lošinj islands make a peaceful place for a family holiday. With a lot of hidden spots and small wild beaches, families can find their piece of heaven in Kvarner. Lubenice is a small village on Cres island located at the top of the cliff. This small village with a breathtaking view that stretches across the St Johns beach, becomes home to a number of events and concerts during the summer.

Kvarner Health & Wellbeing

Kvarner has a long tradition in health tourism. Opatija Riviera is a leader in wellness services combining the natural properties and long tradition. Modern thalassotherapy uses the power of the sea as a source of hydration, algae and air in the treatment aimed to increase vitality and beauty. Thalassotherapy Wellness centers can be found in Opatija, Crikvenica and Mali Losinj.

Islands make a great place to visit if you’re looking to feel stress-free while walking through the ancient towns, beautiful coastline or a forest with the smell of aromatic herbs. In Veli Lošinj Health Resort visitors come to seek medical help associated with allergic, respiratory and skin diseases that are treated in an ambient of exotic Mediterranean plants and beautiful walkways through parks.  

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