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Malinska, an area on the island of Krk which did not have a settled, castle centre. The whole area is known as Dubašnica and is located in the western part of the island. At the same time, it is the only part of the island of Krk for which we know the exact period it was inhabited.

In fact, Dubašnica and its southern part, almost to the city of Krk was almost without permanent settlers until the 15th century. The area’s name comes from the name of an oak tree, and there are dense forests and pastures located here together with some cultivated land. Even before the 12th century Dubašnica was mainly part of the area of Omišalj, although part of it was under the rule of the city of Krk.

Malinska – virual 360° tour




Your summer holidays can be so much more than soaking up the sun and listening to the roar of the waves. Active holidays are becoming an increasingly popular option, offering activities such as cycling, running, hiking, sailing and water sports. Owing to its balmy climate, clean sea, lush Mediterranean vegetation and abundance of trails and […]

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Fumak – zavjetni križ


On the eve of the year 2000, Petar Trp, a returnee from Australia, erected a large cross on his land as a vow. It is constructed of oak wood and sits on a high stone pedestal. The cross was put up as a symbol of gratitude for his recovery from work-related injuries. The height of […]

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Rajska cesta


The construction of the  Paradise road , a promenade from the bathing-place Haludovo to Njivice, launched a  Bathing Commission Malinska  in 1934. Landowners ceded their plots to be used for planting pine trees, without any fee.  The construction and arrangement of the Paradise Road  was completed in 1938 and the road was in use the […]

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Arheološko nalazište Cickini


Outside the major urban centres, on the road that connected the two ancient towns of Fulfinum and Curicum, a villa rustica was built in early antiquity. In its vicinity, in the period of late antiquity (5th-6th century), a sacral complex was constructed, today known as the Cickini site. It is a single-nave church with a […]

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jaz malinska


A freshwater spring flows into the sea at Jaz. Located just off the coast, it was once home to a mill wheel. Malinska was likely named for the mill itself (local word:  malin), which was situated at the nearby house Jaz 1. In 1937, the local architect Kazimir Ostrogović repurposed the area into a place where […]

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