Visit Vrbnik , it will reveal a historical story woven for more than 900 years!

If you are looking for a place where you can feel the true island tradition, explore history, enjoy the gentle nature, but also the top gastronomic offer, Vrbnik is the right choice.
It is located on the eastern side of the island of Krk, 28 km from the Krk bridge. If you approach it from the mainland, you will be greeted by endless vineyards where the widely known Vrbnica žlahtina is grown and karst pastures suitable for sheep breeding. If you approach it from the sea, it will appear on a 49 m high steep cliff, with houses squeezed around the bell tower, surrounded by medieval walls.

Vrbnik has a rich 900-year-old history, it was an important Frankopan castle, a Glagolitic and religious center under the protection of St. John the Baptist. It was celebrated by the song “Vrbniče nad morem” and the golden Vrbnik žlahtina, it is a favorite inspiration of artists, and many famous people grew up in Vrbnik. Traditions and customs are still alive, and even the youngest know the local kanet, dance and the Chakavian language of Vrben.

Wine tasting

Žlahtina is a white wine of light yellow to straw yellow color, delicate aroma and fine characteristic taste. You can taste it and buy it in Vrbnik in all wineries, cellars, catering facilities, souvenir shops and premises of various OPGs. Every year at the end of August, the people of Vrbnik organize Wine Days, which attract an increasing number of wine lovers to Vrbnik every year. For all those who are unable to visit the Days of Wine, we offer a wine tasting for a complete experience of the wine story of the island of Krk.

The wine tasting includes:

  • Tour of the winery in Vrbnik (production part)
  • Screening of a film about grape harvesting
  • Brandy tasting
  • Tasting of three types of wine
  • Portion of prosciutto and cheese with olive

Price on request

Hrvatska turistička zajednica malinska otok Krk Kvarner RDA
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