The Biserujka cave

The Biserujka cave is located near the settlement of Rudine in the municipality of Dobrinj on the island of Krk. The cave is designed for tourists and is characterized by a wealth of cave decorations. According to the speleological classification, it is a simple cave with a cave entrance and a slightly inclined cave channel. It is full of interesting things, such as endemic species, and the remains of cave bear bones were also found there. Interesting for children, but also for adults.

Biserujka Cave is also known as Vitezić’s Cave. The lowest point of the cave was measured at -13 meters, and the bottom of the cave is only 30 meters above sea level. The cave extends relatively shallow below the surface and its upper layer nowhere exceeds 6 to 8 meters. Bone remains of a cave bear were found in the cave.

In the deeper part of the cave, the variations in microclimate parameters are slight, the soil and air temperature is about 15.0 ºC, with a relative humidity of about 95%, which makes staying in the cave pleasant.

The endemicity of the living world of the cave is very pronounced. Six stone-endemic species live in the cave. Three species of invertebrates were described from the Biserujka cave, making it the type site. In 2009, an unknown species of the Roncus was found in Biserujka. For this reason, the cave is included in the National Ecological Network, which for conservation purposes has endemic taxa and habitat types – “karst caves and pits”.

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