The Crikvenica Riviera lies in the embrace of the blue of the clean clear sea and the green hinterland of Vinodol. It is endowed with a healthy and mild climate, natural beauty and cultural and historical heritage. It is ideal for hanging out with friends, family, holidays on the go and relaxing on the beach.

You know what will especially delight you? The Riviera is located on the sea, yet close enough to the mountains, so in the same day you can enjoy the beach, diving, sailing or sailing, and then in just half an hour you can reach the peace of the forest and taste healthy specialties made from medicinal plants. The Rivieras of Crikvenica, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol together have more than 300 km of various hiking and mountain trails and the same number of cycling trails. The epithets of the health riviera and the city of marathons only confirm what many people recognized more than a hundred years ago – Crikvenica is ideal for the health of all generations and a true paradise for athletes and recreationists.

The heart of the Riviera is Crikvenica, the proud owner of the most beautiful city beach on the Adriatic. The picturesque town of Selce attracts attention with the beauty of tradition. Charming Jadranovo captivates with its connection to pristine nature, while Dramalj reveals why the stars shine more clearly and the music sounds more melodious here.

Crikvenica is only a few minutes away by taxi boat that departs daily from the center of Šilo.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica malinska otok Krk Kvarner RDA
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