In addition to the rich material heritage, the island of Krk is also characterized by some specific features of the landscape, painted in the two specific colors of this region – green and blue. The blue bounty of the island of Krk, called the sea, has been closely related to the island’s life since ancient times. The sea gave, man received from the sea, but in return he also gave to the sea, often the most important thing that life had. And therefore, in addition to getting to know and enjoying the “green” part of our region, take a look, get to know and experience the most intense shade of blue – the undersea. Mastering initial diving skills, or upgrading existing ones, is offered by two diving centers in Šilo.

The diving center “Modrulj” offers the organization of diving courses, diving trips, equipment rental, special weekend promotions (out of season) and, as a special attraction, night diving on the wreck. They are also able to provide accommodation for all their clients.

And the Diving Center “Neptun” is fully equipped for organizing diving trips and courses, and for training all types of technical diving. The offer also includes transportation by fast boats to attractive locations, the most attractive of which is the wreck of the Greek sunken ship Peltastis.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica malinska otok Krk Kvarner RDA
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