Sea, salt & trails

The second edition of the  Malinska Trail Race will be held on Saturday, November 7, in Malinska.

Malinska is the perfect destination for all outdoor enthusiasts. Due to its location and mild Mediterranean climate, it is an ideal destination for running, biking, hiking and walking. The narrow paths close to the sea, small bays and hidden beaches, macadam and old roads, lush vegetation and Mediterranean climate, centuries-old oaks and olive trees, combined with unpretentious ascent and length, are the perfect combination and recipe for an unforgettable trail race.


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Special accommodation for race participants

In the days before the race you can participate in the Pre-Race Running Camp at the Hotel Malin, attend lectures and field demonstrations, learn a lot about fitness training, equipment, nutrition and other things that interest trail runners.

For all participants of the race we have provided the special offer of accommodation.

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