Malinska – a perfect choice for a perfect vacation

Malinska is situated in a wooded bay on the west side of the island Krk known as Dubašnica, named after the oak tree, which in the regional Croatian dialect is dub.

Malinska has very warm and sunny summers with over 90 sunny days per year. Bura, the Croatian name for the strong winds that come from the northeast, are not felt on this part of the island; the climate in Malinska is mild making Malinska an ideal place for health tourism. The bridge to the mainland and the airport are both nearby (about 15 km away), making Malinska an easily accessible location and a popular tourist destination for over 100 years!

Malinska has many sights and activities for the tourist. Sporting activities, walking paths, a monastery in Porat including a museum and an ethnographic collection, Saint Nikola chappel and gallery, the church of Saint Apolinar – the city’s patron saint, restaurants and cellars, cafes, small shops, dance floors, nightclubs, bars, a beautiful waterfront full of people lounging, and a sea filled with fishing boats…all in one.

Malinska – tradition and modernity all in one!

Hrvatska turistička zajednica malinska otok Krk Kvarner RDA
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