Paradise road

The construction of the  Paradise road , a promenade from the bathing-place Haludovo to Njivice, launched a  Bathing Commission Malinska  in 1934.

Landowners ceded their plots to be used for planting pine trees, without any fee.  The construction and arrangement of the Paradise Road  was completed in 1938 and the road was in use the same year.

The total length of the promenade, from the bathing-place Haludovo to zakota  toward Njivice is 1.900 meters.

The road is really nice, known especially for its rich vegetation. The large presence of aerosols, due to the proximity of the sea and pine trees, has a rich healing properties for human health.

In 1953, the promenade was partly extended to Njivice.The last reconstruction and extension of the Paradise road  began in 2015 with continued construction, restoration of plants and planting new pine trees along the path.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica malinska otok Krk Kvarner RDA
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