On the eve of the year 2000, Petar Trp, a returnee from Australia, erected a large cross on his land as a vow. It is constructed of oak wood and sits on a high stone pedestal. The cross was put up as a symbol of gratitude for his recovery from work-related injuries. The height of the vertical beam is 6.60 m, and the width of the crossbeam is 3.5 m.

With the bronze body of Christ, it weighs 840 kg making it the heaviest and the largest wooden cross in Europe. It was built by Pavle Hudek of Marija Bistrica (Slovenia), and is surrounded by stone Stations of the Cross. Owing to its mystical and tranquil location on a hill with breathtaking views, this place is known as a site of prayer, rest and meditation.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica malinska otok Krk Kvarner RDA
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