Archaelogical site of Cickini

Outside the major urban centres, on the road that connected the two ancient towns of Fulfinum and Curicum, a villa rustica was built in early antiquity. In its vicinity, in the period of late antiquity (5th-6th century), a sacral complex was constructed, today known as the Cickini site.

It is a single-nave church with a transept lying in a southeast-northwest direction. At its rear there is a semi-circular apse with a seven-sided outer mantle and a bench for priests set into the inner wall. Next to the church there are auxiliary rooms and a baptistery. The chancel was separated from the nave by a richly decorated altar rail. East of the church there is a larger residential complex with storage rooms, a cistern, kitchen, dining room and the remains of a staircase leading to the first floor.

At the beginning of the 7th century, the complex was destroyed by fire, but the church continued to be used for some time on a reduced scale in such a way that the arms of the transept were closed. The complex was probably abandoned in the late 8th century.

Hrvatska turistička zajednica malinska otok Krk Kvarner RDA
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