Camino Krk

Embark on a hiking adventure along the Camino trail on Krk! The recently marked hiking route reveals just how beautifully diverse the island is. Apart from the physical and spiritual benefits of hiking, you have the chance to walk through lush greenery and across bare rocky areas. You also get to admire spectacular views, lovely old towns and villages, historical sights and beautiful beaches.

Camino de Santiago is a well-known pilgrimage route ending at the Cathedral of St James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. The route has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and extended to form an even wider network of pilgrimage routes across Europe. The Krk trail is the first one in Croatia included in the European network.

The Camino Krk route is about 150 km long, with the recommended itinerary. Spectacular natural scenery, forests, hills with wonderful views, old castles and churches, abandoned villages, small medieval towns and beautiful beaches are just a part of what this route offers. Each day offers a unique opportunity to find inner peace, reflect and discover a special kind of “Camino experience”.

Camino Krk is divided into seven stages of roughly similar distances that can be covered within a week: Krk town – Brzac (23 km); Brzac – Malinska (23 km); Malinska – Omišalj (19 km); Omišalj – Čižići (21 km); Čižići – Vrbnik (22 km); Vrbnik – Baška (23 km); Baška – Kornić (21 km).

Hotel Malin provides accommodation to all participants of Camino route. And remember… Camino Krk is not about how fast you do it. It’s about the journey, the simple things along the way, a sense of fulfillment and inspiration!

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